Hope of Peace Foundation

Tass Saada has been working for years to help bring peace between the Palestinians and Israelis.

It is sad to see the recent brutal attacks by Hamas in Israel, killing and kidnapping innocent civilians – men, women, children, babies and the elderly. Hope of Peace Foundation condemns these attacks as they only further the fighting and hatred

Now Israel is retaliating by bombing and bringing destruction to Gaza. There is pain and suffering on both sides as the fighting continues. How will all this end?

Scenes from Jabalia Market in Gaza that was recently bombed. This is the place where Tass Saada has shopped many times when he lived in Gaza.

Innocent People are in the Crossfire

Before this war, most citizens in Gaza were already living on the edge due to poverty and persecution from the Hamas regime. Now because of the war, there is no electricity, water and limited food and medicine. As the bombings continue, they wonder if the next bomb is for one of them?

Setting Up to Permanently Work in Gaza

For the last several months, Tass Saada has been in Jericho working with legal counselors and advisors to get authorization to permanently operate in the West Bank and Gaza. Tass was born in Gaza and believes he is called to bring a message of peace and hope to his fellow countrymen particularly in this dire time of need.

How Can You Help?

Our goal is to raise $150,000 to purchase essentials including food, water, medicine and blankets as the weather is growing colder. We have people on the ground in Gaza who can distribute goods and resources to those in need. Please indicate “War Relief” on your check.

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